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Useful Minimalistic Home Design Tips

The minimalist home design is becoming very popular among homeowners and interior designers alike. Houses with that unique minimal interior design look spacious, modern and very appealing to both the professional and layman eye. The spare and streamlined design which leaves space and reduces clutter is still able to look very inviting and homely when done correctly. Some useful design ideas for homeowners who would love to incorporate the minimalist design in their homes are outlined below.

Minimalistic Home Design: First Quell The Clutter

Minimalistic Home Design

Look around your home and sort the essentials and non-essentials. Look at the furniture and all the other decorative pieces, then strip the rooms down to only the essentials. You might do better with a smaller furniture piece than the one you have or less wall hangings. Look at the things you think you can do without and let them go. Remember to eliminate as much furniture as possible, but not at the expense of comfort and livability. You could also consider replacing your furniture with simple and plain-looking but tasteful furniture.

Maintain simple flooring

Your floors should be devoid of anything else apart from furniture. There should be no clutter on the floor, no stacks of anything; it should remain spacious and dotted with the scarce furniture. Also remember to maintain simplicity when it comes to the flooring designs. Avoid the complex designs and patterns that tend to look heavy to the eyes such as barbed wire, checkers or other bold patterns. Use solid colors like a dull brown, cream or beige. You could also use simple flooring options like laminate or ceramic tiles.

Minimalist Home Interior Design

Keep the surfaces clear

The home surfaces such as the tabletop, counter tops and any other flat surfaces shouldn’t have anything on them. If you have to put anything on any of the surfaces, it should be a simple decoration that will look less like clutter. Get rid of anything that is on the surfaces, donate it or store it out of sight if you can’t give it up.

De-Clutter the walls

If you have paintings, posters, a wallpaper with bold prints and other shouting wall hangings, it would be better clear them as much as possible. Leave one or two pieces of nice paintings on the walls and get rid of anything else. Let there be space on your walls to further enhance the minimalist design. If you have to decorate using simple decorations.

Keep Your Paint Color Subdued

Keep your colors toned down for that calming minimalistic effect. Use white or earth colors like browns, greens and tans. If you have to use a solid color to make sure you maintain simplicity so it doesn’t stress the eye. Bright colors can be used, but keep them subtle.

A Plain Window Treatment

Use simple window treatments like wooden blinds, solid or plain-colored fabrics as curtains. You could even leave the windows bare and remove anything around the window area to further quell the clutter. Homes with a minimalistic design have a special kind of ambience and evoke feelings of relaxation and calmness. Besides, such homes are easier to clean and keep tidy; the homeowner will know where everything is without having to wade through unending clutter and search endless nooks and crannies in it. Such living surroundings are the best to come home to after a hectic day outside.

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