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Uplift Your Living Room With A Curule Chair

It is said that the type of furniture in a room can reveal a lot about the owner. Having unique items shows that the owner of a house has a discerning taste and will got to great lengths to acquire valuable pieces of furniture. If you are considering redesigning your living room, the addition of a few unique pieces of furniture will totally transform the look of your house. The Curule chair can add a touch of taste to the room because it is a unique seat with a rich history. Although not many people have heard about it, it is one of the most valuable chairs you can choose. Originally, the chair was made of ivory and had curved legs that formed a shape of a wide X. The seat has no back support and has lower arms. Initially, it was made to be portable and could be easily folded.

Curule Chair

History Of The Curule Chair

The seat has its roots in the ancient Roman Empire and was associated with power. Historians think the name Curule is derived from the word chariot, although there is no confirmation. The name Curule is also thought to have been as a result of the association with magistrates who used to make rulings while seated on the chair. During the reign of the Roman Empire, the Curule seat was reserved for authority figures such as magistrates and censors. It was also used by other holders of important government offices. The seat was not necessarily made with comfort in mind. Magistrates and other leaders who sat on the chair were expected to be decisive and usually made decisions within a short time. They were thus not anticipated to stay on the seat for long periods of time. The use of the seat later spread to other areas such as China where it was used in military settings.

The use of the chair today

With such a colorful history, the seat can no doubt enhance the appeal of your living room. You can have it designed and made with luxurious materials to increase its comfort. It is best to place your order at the time of redesigning your house. This will ensure that the color and material of your Curule chair will match perfectly with the rest of your decor. Placing the seat in a prominent position in your house will catch the attention of your visitors who will be curious about your tasteful choice of furniture. Today the Curule chair is a valuable item in a collector’s portfolio. There are some 20th Century chairs in circulation and the sell for about $500 per piece. However, the chairs that appear older and more authentic fetch higher prices.

Making the chairs

There are a number of furniture makers who specialize in producing collectors chairs. They have studied the history and construction of the seat and make it as close as possible to the original. Most of them use carved Oak furniture to produce exceptional chairs that are extremely smart. These furniture makers also offer a written guide on making the chair if you fancy yourself as a do-it-yourself kind of person.

If you have a love for historical items, there is no reason not to enjoy the comforts of the Curule chair right there in your living room.

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