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Toilet Cabinet Design to Beautify the Bathroom

Toilet cabinet design is something that should not be taken lightly. I have seen bathrooms that have potential to be beautiful, but then the design for the toilet storage design ruins the whole thing.  I have also seen some cases where the cabinets do not stand out, not contributing to the design of the bathroom. However, I have also seen beautiful cabinets that definitely helped at giving the impact wanted from the bathroom design. Now, it is up to the people’s choice what kind of cabinet they want. Do they want the first, the second, or the third result? I am sure many would prefer the third result.

Location of the Toilet Cabinet Design

Toilet cabinet design can be located everywhere. However, the most common location would be right below the sink. In fact, the cabinet itself would be used as the foundation of the sink. This is so that everything is reachable when people are using the sink. For example, the person does not have to run all the way across the bathroom to take a new toothpaste. However, many cabinets in modern and contemporary styles are separated from the sink to give a simpler feeling. It all depends on the theme.

Traditional and Modern Toilet Cabinet Design

The traditional design for the toilet cabinet design has a formula in its own. The first is the color. The colors used are usually dark to light brown or dirty white and pale yellow at times. The materials used for the cabinet must look old-fashioned so that it can bring out the elegance around the bathroom.  As for the door frame, it can have glass or no glass and is fully wood. When the door has glass though, make sure the things stored inside are worth it to be shown to others.

Toilet Cabinet Design Decor

Modern Toilet Cabinet Design

Wooden Toilet Cabinet Design

White Wooden Toilet Cabinet Design

Traditional Toilet Cabinet Design

Toilet Cabinet Design

Toilet Cabinet Design with Stone Floor

Toilet Cabinet Design Ideas

For the design of toilet cabinets in modern or contemporary style, it is different story altogether. The design for the toilet box design might be the same, but the materials used are different. For example, the doors can be in glass only, and the colors used are not brown or white/pale yellow. Modernization is usually done at times too, and one of the ways is to make the cabinet “float.” That is, they are placed above the floor, sticking to the wall. Toilet cabinet design is a lot, and the user can choose whichever he wants to enhance the bathroom.

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