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The Top Best Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

The living room is the most public space in the house, hence the need to ensure that is well decorated and designed. The following decorating ideas for living rooms will help you create a beautiful space to enjoy conversation with your family and friends:

Color: Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

The colors you choose for your living room affects your feelings as well as those of your guests when in the room. Different colors relax and energize the space depending on how cool and warm, they are and how intense they are. A serene scheme of white and blue makes a living room feel cool, calm and collected. An underfoot carpet with almost similar colors warms up the room as well helps to keep the cool tones in balance.

Finish the Ceilings and Walls

Living rooms receive more formal and elaborate treatment than any other room in the house. To make it more welcoming, and wall coverings and treatments that reflect personality and style. Wall coverings gives the room’s wall texture, warmth and an antique look.

Add Character to Architectural Trim work

Trim work serves many purposes; supporting the structures around the openings and covering the seams where the ceilings and floors meet walls. These elements also serve aesthetic purposes. They can be used to give the room a distinctive look whether old-world. Regional, contemporary or classical.

Choose Comfortable and Stylish Flooring

Keeping with the main function of the living space as a public room, choose a flooring that is comfortable and one that makes a beautiful design statement as well. If you prefer a floor that is less bold, choose a neutral flooring; one that allows the attention to focus on the art and the furniture. Hardwood floors with area rugs is a very popular choice for the floor of the living space, but stone tile, ceramic tile and wall to wall carpeting can also work.

Create a Focal Point

A focal point such as a fireplace helps to draw you and your guest into the space. However, in most living places the television is the true center of attraction. To prevent competition between the two focal points, pair them up. A beautiful picture of art can also act as the focal point.

Arrange Furniture for Conversation

The furniture in the living room should be arranged to promote interaction and conversation. Pull the seats away from the wall and arrange them in such a way that they all face each other. If the room is big, you can break the seats into two conversational groups for a more intimate and comfortable feeling.

Plan for an Inviting Lighting

The lighting in the living room should be aimed at creating a comfortable and relaxing mood. To ensure a good distribution of illumination, position the sources of light in such a way that they roughly form a triangle. Table lamps that focus the light downward encourage people to sit and relax.

Accessorize with Art and Collections

The walls of the living room become more alive if you display art or any other collection that you love. Group your favorite items and hang them low enough to relate to the nearby architecture or the furniture. The most common mistake of hanging pictures in the living space is hanging them too high.

Follow the above decorating ideas for living rooms for a beautiful looking and attractive living space.

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