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The Fashionable Farthingale Chair, An Armless Sitting Device

Few armless chairs have the appearance of this particularly attractive chair. This beauteous looks a piece of furniture calls the attention of any person who passes by it. If you want to be standing out of the crowd in terms of living room decoration, buying it is a must. Although not popular, this precious armless chair has an interesting history which you will benefit from knowing.

When Did Farthingale Chair Come Into Existence?

It turns out that there was a very clear distinction between social classes In England from the 16th to 17th century. The members of the Royal family, clergy and other important people in the country were eager to stand out and make this distinction as marked as possible. For this reason, Farthingales were started to be widely used by Women pertaining to the high class. These were structures which supported skirts into having a desired shape. Since these women now had a need for a special stool that would be able to uphold their new wide-hoop skirts, the Farthingale car was invented. Besides, high class English women also valued the materials it was made with. So if you want to keep the same customs that rich people in Western Europe had four hundred years ago, you will feel good as owning one of them.

Farthingale Chair

Features and Characteristics

This chair features a wide seat. The seat is made out of high-quality fabric and a cushion was adapted to it to enhance the sitting experience of the person using it. Its wide seat was meant to hold huge garments in the past. However, it can be used today by virtually any person due to the soft support it has in the place where the individual sits in. It has a panel in which people can rest their back on. This panel is decorated with the same or similar top-notch material with which the seat is made. The bottom part of it looks like an empty cube given the straight legs it has as well as the square-looking rectangular wood pieces connecting the legs between them. Sometimes, the wood parts that go from the seat to the backrest also have a fabric on them, but this is not always the case.

Why Should You Buy It?

This chair can be an ego-booster for some people. Since the time this sitting device has been invented, it has always held the reputation of being a valuable item in terms of status and honor. Although it is not so common nowadays, it keeps being an item linked with a high social position. It is also a part of England´s history, so much so that the National Trust Collections organization owns one which was made out of oak and velour and dates back to 1630-1670.

Final Thoughts

Although it is possible to build it yourself with a few plans and charts available online, it is recommended to buy a new one which is already made. Chair builders have the knowledge and expertise to make it very similar to what they looked like hundreds of years ago.

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