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Stair Window Design: Light up the House

Stair window design is common to use for light the house. The window itself gives the beautiful charm through the house. The window that is placed in front or back from the staircase is completely giving the best view of the house. People can look the outside scenery when they walk down or walk up the stair. The natural light which comes from the window will light the stair up.

Stair Window Design: Big or Small Window

There are types for stair window design. Both big and small window design are good to be placed.  The big window will let the natural light embrace the stair with the shine. Big window can also have designed with the artistic frames or frameless. The frameless window is perfect choice to choose when the stair is placed on the corner of the house. It will give more light with no border on the window. The small window is good to place on the top part of the wall in front of the stair. The small window is good to organize in a row.

Stair Window Design: Stained Glass

For stair window design, stained glass window is a beautifully artistic choice. The colorful window which arranged nicely will have the different effect when the light shines on the window. The shadow which made by the stained glass will give exotic effect on the stair. There are much stained glass designed, start from natural scenery like plant, hill, mountain, beach, flower, animal, up to modern painted like some abstract pattern. You can also read Small Apartment in this site.

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Even the design for the window is not so much, window can be designed to have unique frame. The combination of the many shape is fine to apply as the frame. Add the stained glass for the stair window design, so it will gave the best light for the stair.

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