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Solid Wood Bed: Use It!

Solid wood bed is nothing uncommon in the world of furniture and its design. It has been appreciated at many parts of the world for being so durable and elegant. I cannot help myself but shake my head in admiration of the wood bed too. It is a great enhancement for the bedroom, but the shape and color of it would give thousand tales that cannot be said by mouth only. Of course, there are other use of solid wood bedframe other than room ornaments.

What Makes Solid Wood Bed Useful

Solid wood bed is at its peak when it is used with memory foam mattress. That is right, the best solid wood mattress that should be used is memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattress is the kind of mattress that would sink as the time goes by, considering its foamy material that is not supported by any frame whatsoever. Beds made with solid wood are best used because its firmness would be useful at holding memory foam mattress in shape properly. With solid wood frame, the memory foam mattress would not sink in, and the owner’s comfort on the mattress will not be lessened.

What Solid Wood Bed is Made of

Ever consider why solid wood bed is hard? This is because they are made with woods that have existed for a long time. Moreover, these woods are natural. Furniture these days synthetic woods that are not pure because they have been manufactured. Because of this, not little of these furniture would not last for a long time. However, it is different with solid wood on beds. These woods are pure woods that are durable and classical. Although they might be more expensive than synthetic woods, its result and display are definitely worth it.

Classic Solid Wood Bed

Natural Solid Wood Bed

Solid Wood Bed Design

Solid Wood Bed with White Curtain

Solid Wood Bed with White Wall

Solid Wood Bed

Best Solid Wood Bed

Brown Solid Wood Bed

Of course, the woods used for these kind of beds are varied. Maple wood is the the most common wood used for the bed, as its durability has been proven, not to mention the variety of colors maple wood gives. The same goes for cherry wood and cherry heartwood, as these two woods have unique colors that would look fine on the eyes. Oak is another wood whose durability can rival Maple’s Oak has been proven for being resistant to any kind of trial furniture would not stand, and its classical color is something that is loved by many furniture lover. Solid wood bed might be made with different kind of woods, but their durability is something that should not be doubted.

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