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Shabby Chic Living Room: How To Decorate It

The shabby chic decorating style is generally popular since it often brings a sense of comfort. Decorations normally combine thrift finds, antiques as well as vintage items. With this decorative style, the living room will be elegant and casual at the same time.

Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas – The Right Kind Of Accessories

You should ensure that you finish your living room with the right kind of accessories. Try to search for mismatched vintage or antique vases at any local antique shop or thrift store. Make use of dried flowers or real flowers and place them around your living room. Select vintage fixtures and carefully update them by painting them either white or cream. Basically, this is essential if the fixtures are the brassy colors which used to be popular. For a wall décor it is ideal that you choose old plates. The plates usually do not match, but must be in the colors which go to your living room. Try to ensure that you systematically hang them on your living room.

Shabby Chic Living Room

Window Treatments to Consider

There are several effective methods that you can use to approach the window treatments when you’re decorating your living room. Select some off- white, lacy vintage if you want to attain an elegant look. Create a cornice for the windows out of wood. Cover the cornice using either vintage linens or pastel- colored quilt. If you want a nice shabby chic appearance for your windows, make sure that you put wooden shutters that have been painted the same way like your furniture over the window. You can open as well as close your shutters as you want.

The Right Paint for the Wall Decor

The colors which are most often being used in decorating a living room are muted or pale. It is important that you avoid using bright reds or deep navy blues for this style of decoration. Instead, opt for one of the following kinds of colors, i.e. soft yellows, creamy off- white, pink greens or blues. Make use of any of these colors for the wall colors, accessories and fabrics in order to tie the style together.

Ideal Furniture for your Living Room

Furniture is among the most essential aspects when it comes to decorating a living room. Modern, sleek furniture will simply not work in a shabby chic room. It is ideal that you scout your antique stores or local thrift stores for a china cabinet, end tables or a weathered- looking coffee table. Ensure that you select something which has got great vintage lines and effectively clean it up in order for it to appear perfect in your living room.

If for instance you cannot find anything to your liking, purchase a new unfinished furniture which appears in a country style. To ensure that your furniture appears a bit shabby, you can put some dings in the furniture with a hammer.

Last but not the least; you can as well make a cool effect simply by painting a coat of white, and then covering the white with another color like pale blue. Ensure that you make use of the aforementioned tips in order to experience their effectiveness.

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