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Rocking Chair Health Benefits

One of the most fulfilling ways to relax after a long day at work is to sit in a cozy, comfortable rocking chair. A rocking chair is an essential piece of furniture in any home. Apart from its relaxing abilities, this unique chair can also offer a lot of health benefits. This article highlights the major benefits that the rocking chair can offer to one’s health.

Benefits of the Rocking Chair to Health

1. Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease: Rocking usually produce endorphins, thereby helping to reduce anxiety. This is particularly beneficial to mid-stage dementia patients who don’t calm easily; rocking soothes them and reduces their pain. These arduous diseases usually affect the elderly but rocking helps enhance the overall health of such patients.

Rocking Chair

2. ADD and ADHD: Studies have proven that children and adults with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder) can focus more efficiently when using a rocking chair because the rocking movement of the chair fulfills the person’s need to move at all times.

3. Arthritis: Rocking can also help to reduce arthritis. Rocking for around one hour daily speeds up recovery among patients, by enhancing the knee’s flexibility and strengthening knee muscles.

4. Back Pain: A combination of rocking and some exercises can be effective in reducing back pains, particularly those related to a herniated disc or a bulging disc. All you have to do is rock for about 5 minutes with the feet only and not the back, 5 minutes with the toes only and finally 5 minutes with the heels of the feet only.

5. Varicose Veins: Rocking helps improve blood circulation in the body as the chair moves constantly, hence it can prevent varicose veins. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who don’t lead an active life.

6. Recovery after surgery: Rocking can accelerate recovery of patients after an operation. Most patients usually experience bowel dysfunction after surgery but it has proven that rocking enable patients resume their normal bowel activities faster. Rocking can help reduce pain associated with post-hysterectomy. Moreover, it can enable patients recover from knee surgeries.

7. Pregnancy: Rocking chair is very helpful during various pregnancy stages as well as after delivery. Rocking for a few minutes during pregnancy stimulate the development of the fetus nervous system. Varicose veins and back pain during pregnancy can be prevented by using the rocking chair for a couple of minutes daily. It will also make women who have undergone a cesarean section to have less pain and gas as well as recover faster. It can also help relax children, particularly those with colic.

8. Weight Loss: You may burn over 150 calories per hour by using a rocking chair. It is the ideal exercise machine for individuals who cannot perform weight exercises but want to strengthen their legs. By using a rocking chair, you’ll be working and toning your muscles. It can also enhance the body posture.

9. Benefits the elderly: Rocking reduces anxiety among the elderly. On the same note, seniors who rock regularly requires less or even no medication to handle depression. Rocking also enhances the balancing skills of the elderly, thus preventing fall accidents. The rocking chair is also an effective exercise for inactive people.

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