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Do It Yourself: Religious-Themed Halloween

front_yard_decorations_HalloweenEveryone has different opinions on how Halloween should be celebrated. Most believe that it is a day to have fun with the supernatural aspect of our lives, playing with hocus-pocus suspicion on costumes while going on trick-or-treats. In fact, every Halloween seems to be all about dressing up in the scariest and horror-inspiring outfits, especially copying the ones from popular horror flicks.  But the best part of Halloween is that you can celebrate it however you like, and there is no “wrong” way to decorate or celebrate as long as it stays within acceptable limits of taste and decorum.  Maybe it’s time to try something a bit different!  Here are a few ideas for alternate Halloween celebrations and decorations.

Halloween is not all about horror, gore and playing scary! History says that Halloween, derived from the word All Hallows Eve, is linked firmly with All Saints Day which is celebrated on November 1 of each year to commemorate the old saints who have past on. Thus, this is a fact that everyone can use for their Halloween theme this year. TRY SOLEMN, INSTEAD OF SPOOKTACULAR!

Fun with a twist of faith

On Halloween, people must not separate their beliefs with the celebration because on this day, there still must be a sense of solemnity. After all, that day is the one time where spirits can breach the world of the living. People must observe respect for the supernatural to acknowledge their presence and at best, provoke no harm.

Depending on what you believe in, here are some ideas to work with on Halloween decorations.

  1. Throw a Kingdom Party!
  • Celebrate Halloween with a blast of inspiration from the Kingdom of God!
  • Instead of the usual horror-flick props, decorate your house with white Christmas lights or white banners. Light candles on all corners of the yard to create an ambiance of the solemn event.
  • Dress up as. Make a contest on the best dressed, most creative and most inspiring costume to encourage creativity and freedom of expression.
  • Erect religious images on your homes such as statues of saints, biblical characters, and angels. You can do them yourself through paper mache.
  1. Make A Praise Party!
  • For the ones gifted with golden voices, they can make a party full of singing all night long. Decorate your homes and backyard with ribbons and banners bearing verses of popular inspirational songs.
  • Erect angels on each corner of the yard, each one carrying instruments such as the lyre, the guitar, etc. to inspire  music in the air.
  1. Pump your homes with color!
  • Place pumpkins in a variety of sizes on your porch or near the front door. For decorations on the table used for the outdoor party, set up a combination of small white and orange pumpkins.
  • Use mums as decorative touches around the house. Place pots of mums on each side of your front door. The yellow and orange flowers add striking color to your home.
  1. Multi-Cultural Faith Festival
  • Difference in culture and religion should not hinder fun and camaraderie. On Halloween, invite all your religion, regardless of their cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • Decorate your backyard with a mix of cultural and religious inspiration. Set up significant images, objects, and symbols on every corner where people can go visit to honor their faith and beliefs. For example, you can place significant Greek mythological characters (i.e. the Olympians) to revive ancient Greek culture.

Halloween is not all about doing scary portrayals of the event. Remember to observe the solemn occasion, even in the midst of having fun with the decorations.

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