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Platform Bed Give Benefits In Decorating Bedroom

A platform bed or European style bed is made by raising a platform through closely set slats to reduce the need of box spring mattress to support the top mattress of your bed. This type of bed also provides large space under it that can be used even as living-in space for the youngsters or college students. Platform bed is beneficial for your bedroom for various other reasons also which you should know before you plan to replace it with your old bed in your bedroom.

Benefits of platform bed

Stronger support:

Support provided by the platform bed reduces your cost of mattresses as it does not need spring box mattress to support top mattress on your bed. You can use the saved money to buy better quality of mattresses or bed. The platform made of closely placed slats provides more durable and firm support as compared to the support provided by the spring box mattress. This type of bed is the best choice for you if you like sleeping on firm bedding.

Low height stable beds:

Platform of the platform bed also provides more stability to your bedding option even for heavy weight people as compared to spring box mattress as it may not collapse under heavy weight due to its solid support. These beds can also be designed aesthetically with lower height to the ground to provide a new décor to your bedroom. Such low height beds are also used in the bedrooms to complement other low height furniture in the room to give it a look of high ceiling room.

Platform Bed

In-built storage space:

Some of the platform beds are designed with shelves which provide additional storage space in your room and reduce the cluttering of things and small furniture in the room. The solid platform of the bed will restrain the things from falling into the storage space underneath which will help in keeping the storage space clean and tidy. Some of the manufacturers of this type of beds also make box type beds to provide storage space underneath. They are provided with top opening or side drawers to keep your belongings and valuables in it.

Easy to decorate:

A platform bed can be decorated easily as you can comforters and duvets to give it an oriental look instead of its plain and usual look. These beds are available in different type of finish as they are made of solid wood and can be decorated with different finishes. You can choose from these finishes as per your budget as well as suitability to the other furniture in your bedroom.
Thus platform bed is liked by people these days to decorate their bedrooms not only for its solidity but also for its availability in wider range of price, designs and various other facilities like storage space etc. Platform bed also helps in making the better use of space which is needed more in today’s lifestyle in major cities of the world where you can get smaller apartments to live in.

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