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National Christmas tree Celebration

National Christmas Tree is the biggest national celebration for all American citizens who stay in whole America to come and show the biggest Christmas tree with special symbol of all country of unites states of America. The biggest spruces tree was used for Christmas tree since 1923 by the president of America Franklin De Roosevelt. This tree is located beside the white house in Washington DC. The tree decorating is starting at December 1 till January 1. This tree is very famous and many tourists come to visit this tree every Christmas holiday as the main schedule for winter Christmas tree direction. Many events are happened around this special Christmas tree.

The History of National Christmas tree

The latest news of national Christmas tree was the Obama’s family turned on the Christmas tree lighting on December 12, 2012. After the latest issue which said that’s the tree was getting illness by wrong tree transplantation.  The history of the national Christmas tree decoration was founded by Frederick Morris. The symbol of all territory of American country with the number of stars same with the US flag. This national Christmas tree lighting was placed in the park beside white house.

2012 National Christmas tree

The 2012 national Christmas tree is the 3rd tree that’s ever been planted there. The previous tree was dead because of sandy hurricane and Obama got the donation from local Christmas tree farm. The decoration for 2012 national Christmas tree was designed by Tom Killen. The beautiful and perfect lighting make the national Christmas tree shining in the dark along December that’s will make every people who stay in Washington feel proud with their national Christmas tree. The national Christmas tree ceremonial lighting is the schedule of American government in December every year. You can also read room design program in this site.

National Christmas tree

National Christmas tree 2012

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On the 90th Christmas tree celebration, all the family of president Obama was coming on the ceremony. They are Obama’s wife Michelle Obama with all her daughters. Belong his speech, Obama reminded all the people in America to always help each other without differ what their religion, skin and social class. Those beautiful Christmas celebration was using very perfect lighting design and the beautiful melody of all best Christmas song are accompany Obama along the lighting celebration of national Christmas tree.

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