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Murphy Bed: Turn Your Room Into A Spare Bedroom With Space Saving

“Saving Space….Beautifully” is far more than a simple statement. Helping you recapture valuable floor space and making the most efficient use of a guest bedroom or home office is Murphy Bed’s goal. This wonderful wall bed will add an atmosphere of comfort and elegance to whatever room you choose to use it in. This beautiful wall bed has a look all of its own and is simply a pleasure to be around, if creating a comfortable luxurious feel is your goal.

Murphy Bed For your Bedroom

Growing Popularity:

The Murphy bed market has grown enormously in the past decade, and more and more companies are offering this unique bed style. Trend toward downsizing may be driving the increased demand for Murphy beds. You can customize most designsto fit your home’s décor, adding trim, matching bookcases or even built-in lighting. The two main varieties of Murphy bed mechanisms are piston mechanisms and spring mechanisms. Each style has specific qualities, and can be important in your decision making process.

How It Works:

Whether you choose to call them wall beds or murphy beds, they feature three key components: the bed frame, the lift mechanism, and the cabinet. There are two main kinds of lift mechanisms: piston and spring. Both systems operate under a similar principle—they create force that help slift the bed into the closed position. There are two sets of pivot plates in the wall bed kit. Each pair includes a female and male pivot plate. These connect the bed frame to the cabinet and allow the bed to fold down and up. Two hydraulic pistons help control the descent of the bed and also aid in lifting the bed back into the storage cabinet. Each of the pistons snaps onto two ball stud plates, that are installed on the bed frame and the cabinet side.

Why Should You Consider A Wall / Murphy Bed?

The clear respond to this question is simple – space. As metropolitans arise, accommodations become smaller, and when you live in a mini apartment every space is worthwhile. Have a mini two-bedroom where your guest room sits empty majority of the time? A Wall bed enables you to make this space as your workplace, but still serve guests. Don’t have a guest bedroom? Add a Wall bed in your family room or office room. The closet can be designed to contain your wonderful bedroom.


Design options:

Murphy beds can be designed to complement any home’s decor, and you can install a mattress as large as queen size in either the vertical or horizontal position. The strength of the lift mechanism required depends on the configuration that you choose.

The Bottom Line:

If you don’t have a closet in this room you may have to place the suggested bookcase in the room. Remember that Murphy Bed can build a freestanding closet or storage unit that matches the bed frame. This can be an expensive project if you don’t think through every detail but you won’t be doing the planning alone. An affordable solution that will revolutionize the space and increase the value of your home is at hand.

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