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Kitchen Painting: Fruity Look

Kitchen painting inspiration is coming from everywhere. For the fresh, yummy, artistic look, you can pick fruits painting on your kitchen. Fruits have divergent colors. Those color would be stunning in everywhere, include in the kitchen. There are so many beautiful fruit painting that will go well in your kitchen. Beware for the new stunning kitchen look and have fun with repaint the kitchen.

Kitchen Painting: Fresh Strawberry

Strawberry color and also shape are can be inspirations for kitchen painting. Paint the strawberry in the backsplash. If you think that it would be childish having a strawberry pattern in the kitchen, use the soft light red color. The strawberry color will be matched with any color. It will blend perfectly with light brown, pure white, or grey. Use the kitchen utensils which have dark red color. Those stuffs will fits with the kitchen main color. You can try to explore more with the strawberry look.

Kitchen Painting: Pierce Banana

Yellow, the basic color of banana is good to apply for the base kitchen painting color. Soft yellow is refreshing and energizing. Paint the cabinet with light yellow painting. The cabinet will have fresh look and outstanding. Install nice lighting in the kitchen; add some light bulbs inside the cabinet if needed.  If you prefer to let the old cabinet color, just retouch the wall and ceiling. Yellow color on the wall or ceiling will look luminous and vibrant. Then, enjoy the beauty of banana. You can also read Open Concept for Farmhouse and Decor Ideas.

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The other inspirations for paint in the kitchen are grapes or oranges. Purple and orange colors are good to install in the kitchen. If not, you can try to add some colors as paint. Good combination will make a wonderful colorful kitchen. Dare to be different and be more creative for kitchen painting designs.

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