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Interior Door Styles of Door Casings

Interior Door Styles of door casings or mostly called interior door trims can come in many styles such as Victorian, tapered, arches, pediment-top, and soft-edged. Door casings are often called as door trims. They are intended to offer a transition between the door and the drywall. The trims provide an obvious edge around the door. Since there are many choices of door casings, you can choose the one that goes well with the door itself.

Many people today are fond of a Victorian design. You might like the Interior Door Styles. As the name implies, this style looks classic. Typically this trim door is made of fluttered boards.

Another trim type of interior door styles is tapered door. This door trim is made of wood pieces that have been mitered to construct a layered look. The thickest of wood piece is the outermost piece while the pieces inside are thin. You can find the door trim in this style in Federal homes of Italian homes. You might be interested in reading Retro Billiard Room Decorating Ideas for Fun and Exciting Feel.

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If you like the idea of layered door trim, you can consider soft-edged style. While a tapered door is layered from mitered wood, soft-edged door is layered from the use of smooth boards. Since this style one of the Interior Door Styles that is ornate and heavy, you can soften the effect by painting the door casing in the same color of the wall.

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