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Interior Designs for Music Lovers

Interior designs for music lovers may sound easy to make while accessories or signed CDs are bend in ten spiral binds. If you are a music lover and want to do musical makeover to the room for your idols, don’t consider too many things. Since you don’t have to put on all those A2 posters on the wall, decorations for holistic music theme in the room will sound fair. You may cover the wall with sound-proof fabrics from the music stores, or make some spaces on the wall for guitar replica and CD collections.

Musical Interior Designs and the Tricks

The main idea for musical interior design is the sound. Before covering the wall or installing decorative hanging lamps, you must make a sound system first. Trick number one: use thin audio wires. Thick wires only give you difficulties to slip between walls or ceilings. Thin but strong wires are no available and affordable in music store. Trick number two: place speakers in surround position, so that Interior designs give you listening experience like watching theater.

Wall colors don’t have to be brighter than outside face of the house. If you want to place small speakers in all parts of the house including bathroom, you don’t have to make similar color for every wall in the house. In addition, some Interior designs who talk about music fives options to use RF remote controller for the sound system. You can repeat or fast forward a song only with single punch of button.

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Idols in Interior designs

It is your room and it is your life. You can put on posters of your idol bands or teen singer as long as it remains balancing your life. Songs are great and can inspire your daily life inside out. Old posters are worth to replace with new for the most beautiful room. So take your chance. Ideas in interior designs for music lover are made also for you who are not fanatic.

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