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Interior Courtyards: Relieved Space in the House

Interior Courtyards is basically a courtyard which placed inside the house. The roof is opened, so that you will get natural light from the sun when the morning comes and breath with the fresh air. The courtyard is a paradise inside the house. There are many designs which can be applied. Check this below.

Interior Courtyards: Place the Exterior on

Exterior courtyards are common to install pond, pool, or fountain. The water will give the fresh scenery. Is those kind of water layout would be good to apply for interior courtyards? Of course the pond or fountain is good to install inside the house. But, the most important thing to consider is keep the room dry. The best water installation will make the courtyard keep dry. Plan the tree inside the house is good also. The vine tree like passion fruit tree or grape vine will make the wall greener. Plant the grass for flooring design. Both the artificial grass and nature grass is fine.

Interior Courtyards: Furniture and Other

The furniture that can be chosen for interior courtyards is the outdoor table set. The wooden table set or stainless steel table set is well to place on the room. It will be good to choose the artistic jar which used to grown up the tree. One of the varieties of trees that can be display on the courtyard is cactus. Cactus will make the room turn into the Southwest style. The stone is well to put on the floor. Use natural stone for flooring or veneer the wall. You can also read Basement in this site.

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Wooden floor can also be combined with the tree. Make a hole for tree to grown up. You can install the artificial river and make the bridge above it. It will make the interior courtyards stunning.

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