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How To Decorate Beach Cottage Bedrooms

Beach cottage bedrooms can be turned into private sanctuary. This can be achieved by using natural surroundings and ocean as inspiration. It is important to choose decor items that celebrate the home’s beach location. Soft cotton linens with sea-inspired colors will be a great choice. The decorations should be done with water and sky colors. This will make it impossible to distinguish where the beach begins and the bedroom ends. Here are some useful tips on how to decorate beach cottage bedrooms.

Beach Cottage Bedrooms Decoration Tips:

Paint the walls of the bedrooms a water inspired shade: A fresh Seafoam green color can be a great choice. In addition, the soft turquoise hue will also be appropriate for decorating the walls of the bedrooms. These refreshing walls will match with other beach-themed decor as well as furniture. This will turn the Beach Cottage Bedrooms into real sanctuaries.

Purchase whitewashed furniture: The furniture should look to have naturally aged as a result of being left in the salty sea environment. It is also advisable to select a bookshelf set, work desk, dresser and headboard that match with the furniture. For an elegant look, it is prudent to choose a nightstand made of marble or glass top. Some of the woods that can be properly be whitewashed are pine and oak.

Beach Cottage Bedrooms cottage bedroom

Hang sheer white curtains from bamboo rods: These kinds of curtains are preferred because they will not only allow sun to shine into the bedrooms, but also allow the soft ocean breezes. However, it is important to install blinds or liners under such curtains. These can be pulled down when the occupants of the bedrooms need some privacy.

Buy beach-inspired bedding that is comfortable: A casual comforter with stripes of soft coral, pink, ivory, blue, and gold. It will be good and creative idea to use decorative pillows, which may display beach related things such as coral reef, seashell, and starfish among other designs.

Use seashell accessories to decorate: It is advisable to hand seashell accessories around the cottage bedrooms. One may hand some elegant chandelier with dangling seashells, pieces of vibrant sea glass, and freshwater pearls. It would also be creative to replace the plain dresser knobs with seashell shaped versions. Gluing starfish and seashells around the perimeter of the wall shelf will make it beautiful. One may also display flowers that are island inspired in a vase. It will add the beauty in the bedroom.

Beach Cottage Bedrooms

Decorate the tabletops with folk-art animals: It would be a good idea to use folk-art animals and/or dried flowers. This together with potted flowers, old-fashioned dishes or basket brings out a good theme into a cottage bedroom. One may also use traditional lamps to reflect humble origins. It is also a good option to decorate the tabletop with fabric shades in patterns likes checks or floral motifs.

These are some useful tips on how one can decorate beach cottage bedrooms. The cottage style decoration not only adds to the beauty of the bedroom, but also provides a perfect environment for relaxation. There are numerous choices for consideration.

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