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House Interior Paint Types

House interior paint is one of the most influential factors in your impression of a house. The color of house paint is crucial in making the room gloomy or cheery, bigger or smaller, calming or invigorating and it even shows a bit about your personality. Choosing the paint of a house doesn’t only end on color choice, though. There are also the base paint and finish paint types to consider. Here are some of the most popular types for both paints.

House Interior Base Paints

The house interior base paint choices that are used at large are latex paint and oil paint. Latex paint is known for its fast drying time compared to oil paint. It is water-based, durable and resistant of fading. It retains its color as it ages and is less vulnerable to mildew. Latex paint is flexible, though, so it tends to expand and shrink when exposed to extreme climate, and constant change will make it susceptible to breaking, flaking or peeling. It is also not suitable for rooms with higher traffic due to its softer nature. Oil paint is more durable than latex and it is alkyd-based. Its tough nature makes it suitable to handle more traffic and climate change. It tends to change color as it ages, though, and it doesn’t have latex’s flexibility and tends to blister when it’s dry.

House Interior Finish Paints

The first of house interior finish paints is the flat or matte paint. Its appearance is muted and dull, which makes it perfect for covering flaws and imperfections. A plaster wall can also benefit from it, making it look less textured and smoother. It is not durable, though, and will need occasional maintenance by adding a retouch. It is best suited for ceiling paint and a room with little traffic, as it is vulnerable to cleaning of any kind. You can also read Modern living room ideas in this site.

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Semi-gloss or high gloss paint is more suitable for kitchen and bathroom. It reflects lights and gives out a shinny look. It is also resistant to dirt and is the easiest to clean. The surface for this paint should be perfectly smooth, though, otherwise this paint will accentuate the flaws instead of covering them. Between the matte and the gloss, there is satin or eggshell finish. It is best suitable for bedrooms and living rooms, and this house interior finish paint will give a smooth with modest shine.

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