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House in a Combination: Mix Better

House in a combination is a how to mix and match the furniture and also the interior design of the house. There are many things that can be combined. For example, the modern house style is mixed with modern and minimalist furniture. Check some tips below to get better look in your house!

House in a Combination: Mix Furniture

If you want a different style of a house, try this advice: house in a combination. Mix the furniture with the interior design. For your inspirations, the modern meets the traditional. Place the Middle Ages cabinet in the bedroom. Do not forget to choose the bright color, like yellow. The yellow color is quite attractive in the soft color room. The yellow color can be chosen for other furniture and placed in another room. Art painting on the wall should be good. Choose Asian art screen hang to be placed in the living room. The screen is blend perfectly with the soft vintage sofa. You can explore more for the lighting look. For example, the hanging lamps in the modern edge dining room. That kind of lamp will give a beautiful light at the dinner time. The pendant lamp will contrast the modern table set but still adorable. Moreover, put vintage chandelier on.

House in a Combination: Mix Color

Mix many contrast color for house in a combination style. The blue floral wallpaper mixed with the fresh orange bookshelf. Zebra rug can be applies to cover the floor. This carpet will look more contrast in pink pastel sofa and table set. The blue wall paper is good to combine with red pillow and red rug. The wooden floor and the wooden ceiling are fine to match with minimalist furniture and home appliance. You can also read Romantic bedroom design in this site.

House in a Combination Design

House in a Combination Ideas

House in a Combination Diningroom

House in a Combination Image

House in a Combination Kitchen

House in a Combination Livingroom

House in a Combination Wall

House in a Combination

There are inspirations and ideas to get better look. You can add reference from magazine or search it on the internet. You can explore and try more to get house in a combination which matches with your own taste.

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