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Innovative DIY Headboard Ideas

It’s very easy to build your own headboard using the DIY headboard ideas. Most of them can be made using easily available material and won’t break the bank. Also, you’ll get something more unique and stylish than you’d ever find in any furniture store. Let’s have a close look DIY plans….

Photo headboard

If you’ve some favorite pieces or art, or family photos, you can put them center state using a good headboard DIY plan. There are many decorating ideas that will help you in enhancing the looks of the headboard by handing artwork or your family photos. However, choose frames with the same color for creating a unified look. Try sepia tones or black and white photos to create a stunning focal point in your room.

Headboard door

The best way to make your headboard a piece of furniture is to use an old door. You can easily find these types of doors from a flea market, salvage yard, thrift store, or in garage sales for cheap. Now sand and paint this door, or you can also keep its original style for some character and extra charm. You should remove the door now. When mounting, turn it on its side, with knob side pointing downwards and firmly attach to the wall.

Quilted headboard

Here is an idea that’ll take you just minutes to create. Simply install a curtain rod and drape a blanket, fabric piece, or quilt over the top and you’ll have an instant headboard! Best of all, you can easily change it up as often as you like.

Curtain headboard

The curtains are not just for windows, you can also use them to bring your headboard project to life. Attach your curtain rod to the ceiling or to the top of the wall. Now hang the curtain panels and you’re done! This is the best way to add some pattern and color to your room and also to create an impressive focal point. It will also work if your bed is placed against a wall that has a window. You can also create a canopy effect by carrying the panels across the sides of the bed. This works well with a sheer panel and creates an airy, soft feel. One of the best decorating ideas for your headboard is to try linen panel or faux silk drapery for a little luxury.

Fabric covered headboard

DIY Headboard

For making a fabric headboard you will need fabric, plywood, foam, and a staple gun. Plywood is easily available in home improvement stores. Take measurements and cut the right size piece for you. The next step will be to attach your foam. Any size foam will do, and it depends on how cushy you want your headboard to be.

Either use a spray adhesive or a staple gun if the foam you are using is a little thicker. Now, lay the batting onto the top and firmly secure to the back using a staple gun. You can repeat this with your fabric and then secure your headboard to your wall. You can get many decoration ideas to make your headboard unique on some websites.

When buying your raw material, you should wait for half off sale or until you have any coupon. You can check the clearance section to see if something is available there. Most fabric stores have 50 percent discount sales, so just ask them when the next one is coming and sign up to receive your store coupons via mail!

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