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Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Water Heater

Beautiful bathroom designs apply some innovations inside with modern appliance. When technology brings all possibilities under the roof, traditional values are converted from stone fireplace to water heater. To heat water for bath is no longer requiring fire and a stove, but exact heat from the sun. Modern water heater converts sun light into heat and stem through panels and channels. As for modern house ba ...

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Floating Sinks in Bathrooms Made of Metal

There have been many innovations we can find about our bathroom, such as the Floating Sinks in Bathrooms ideas. This type of sink can be something new for you. Therefore, you need to know the information below so that you can be interested on making the sink in this model. Here, a floating sink is a sort of sink made and designed by using the floating principle. In this case, the sink can be attached direct ...

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Bathroom Linen Cabinets for Bathroom Storage Alternative

If you have larger bathroom space than small bathroom, bathroom linen cabinets will work better to maximize the space in the bathroom. Well, bathroom linen cabinetry is quite different than common bathroom cabinet design. This kind of linen cabinetry is specifically designed as any linen stuff storage such as bed sheets, curtains, blanket, and towel. Sometimes, bathroom is joined with laundry area where we ...

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Stone Bathroom’s Elegance

Stone bathroom is definitely a beautiful for the eyes. I have seen the beauty once, and until now I still cannot believe the fact that the place I saw was a bathroom. I mean, the natural stone bathroom that was inside is just beautiful. The shapes of the stones are something that cannot be compared with mane-made furniture, and the colors are something that definitely cannot be imitated even by the most gen ...

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Bathroom Storage Design Ideas for Efficient Space

Well, as like other room in the house, bathroom is intentionally designed with special features and characters including bathroom storage for efficient space occupancy. This place has important duty as cleaning and washing room in the house. It is available in various designs and models with different layout, furniture design, and color scheme. Bathroom consists of several main furniture products which shou ...

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Toilet Cabinet Design to Beautify the Bathroom

Toilet cabinet design is something that should not be taken lightly. I have seen bathrooms that have potential to be beautiful, but then the design for the toilet storage design ruins the whole thing.  I have also seen some cases where the cabinets do not stand out, not contributing to the design of the bathroom. However, I have also seen beautiful cabinets that definitely helped at giving the impact wanted ...

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Basins for Bathroom with Modern and Artistic Designs

Basins for Bathroom are coming with lots of new stylish and trendy models as pretty bathroom furniture. Lots of models are also rich in color option and any level of materials with good price list. Basins which make from ceramics are coming with effective low price and beautiful glossy design. The colors are popular with white, brown and silver. Basins from ceramic are the most used by family for their bath ...

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Luxury Shower Curtains For Your Bathroom

Shower curtains are normally used to keep privacy in your bathroom but some people also use them as decorative item for this place. Though there are different types of luxury shower curtains available in the market but you should use a shower curtain suitable to the environment of your bathroom as it can enhance its looks considerably. What type of shower curtain you will like to use in your bathroom if you ...

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Small Bathroom Decor Mexican Style and its Elegance

Small bathroom decor Mexican style is another way to feel Mexican-ish without going to Mexico. Small bathroom design Mexican style gives a stylish bathroom without giving the owner a headache. This is because of the strategic design that lets the bathroom to be decorated without making the small bathroom look crowded. The fact that the design is meant for small bathroom makes this style applicable for any k ...

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Walk in Closet Ideas for Summer House

Walk in closet ideas for country house are playing around good view, air circulation and perfect flooring. Think about wardrobe hangers, dark color wooden closet near the wall, and walk in corridor with carpet covering the floor and a fitting chair and big mirrors. And when glass wall comes into the room as a replacement for partition, take a good breath and find new styles on clothes and the room. As for c ...

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