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Canopy Bed Design And Curtains Unique Ideas

You need a more relaxing bed to rest after a long day at work. This is where canopy beds come in handy. A canopy bed is the ideal addition to the room where you would want to forget your worries and just relax. It also offers the ultimate getaway for a romantic fantasy. It is basically a bed with a frame having poles on every corner to support drapery that may be pulled down while asleep.

A few years ago, its basic purpose was to hang a mosquito net and prevent insect bites. But today, people are hanging other materials such as lace curtains, designer nets, or silk for an elegant look. Here are some canopy bed ideas with regards to design and curtains that you may want to consider.

Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed Ideas

Good furniture should always allow easy shifting. So choose a knock-down canopy bed as it would allow you to convert it into a normal bed at any time. You may also buy an adjustable bed instead of the normal one which you can then convert into the canopy bed.
Curtains can transform the appearance of your canopy bed completely. Check the available options before choosing one. If you want to maintain simplicity but do not prefer long drapes, you can just put a short fabric on the rods.

When considering supporting rods, there are available in various types; wooden, plastic, wrought iron, steel and so on. Consider the load bearing capacity of the rod. Ideally, you should select the rods after deciding on the type fabric of the curtain. You can also use bamboo blinds or shades rather than fabric. If you want to give it a little bit of beach-touch, then choose palm tree bedding.

The kind of bed and bedding you want will enable you picture the outcome; for example a simple bed, a sofa cum bed, or, a traditional poster bed. You can opt for either plain and simple bedding or a luxury one depending on your budget. You can choose different bedroom wall decorations based on the bed and the kind of look you want for the room.

You can also opt for a themed canopy bed if you want the room to have a given look such as nature theme, underwater theme and so on. A dark bed with dusky curtains would give an earthy look; for instance, a dark brown bed with different green hues would make it resemble nature. A light-colored canopy bed and a bright drapery would make it look perky. You can opt for a basic color for the bed and drapes if you want to have a mono color touch.

You can install a shelf just above the bed’s roof, and curtains may be folded in it or released let down at any time. This is commonly referred to as a Crown canopy. Choosing pink shades for the whole room can be perfect for girls. You can also choose drapes printed with girlish photos, like flowers, Barbie dolls and so on canopy bed.

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