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Boys Bedrooms: Simple and Dramatic

Boys bedrooms are basically have simple and monotone design. The bedroom is used plain color and basic furniture. The bedroom usually designed with white, grey or ivory wall paint color. The furniture that usually placed is bed, table, dresser, and bookshelf. The bedroom has no home accessories that much. Here is some best pick and unusual bedroom design for young men.

Boys Bedrooms: Feminine Color

Not all feminine color can transform as boys bedrooms main color. There are so many colors that usually picked as girl bedroom, such as pink and purple. Why the men bedroom cannot pick those colors? It will be possible and good design if you know how to organize things perfectly. Light green or lime green can be said as natural color. This color is good to use for living room or kitchen. Who knows if the color is nice to pick for the boy? Make the color combined with grey or ivory. Purple color is good also to choice. Better to use the dark purple and combine with wood furniture. You can choose those colors with some pattern, like dot or plaid.

Boys Bedrooms: Simple Furniture

Furniture is cannot be forgotten for boys bedrooms. Choose the simple and minimalist house furniture design. The furniture which made from wood is fine. Better to furnish the furniture with light color or dark color, depend on the wall main color. The dark red is good to combine in the wood color. Choose the red painted color for the hook or dresser. Pick the dark color for the table or the bed. You can also read modern home interior design in this site.

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There are many ideas to create incredible bedroom for young men. The other example is put the modern art painting or artist poster in the wall. Hang some black white pictorial to add the sophisticated look in the boys bedrooms.

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