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Bookshelves Design Ideas Made Of Wood

Bookshelves are one of many things that can be used to beautify your interior home design. It can be placed in any kinds of room as long as the placement is appropriate with the interior home decoration. One of the favorite bookshelves is bookshelves which are made of wooden material.

The wood bookshelves can be considered as furniture that can add much beautiful nuance inside the room. These are some examples that are created in simple design and features, but still can make your room look more attractive.

The first is wooden bookshelves in block design. This shelve is made of some wood pieces that is arranged in vertical design. Each side of the arrangement is decorated with some different pieces of small wood that are also arranged orderly. The design of this shelve is very unique and simple. Besides as the place of books, this shelve can also be used to place some beautiful accessories. You might be interested in reading Vintage Home Decor.

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The other option of wooden shelve is shelve which is placed on the wall. These shelves are also arranged in vertical design in some parts. Each parts is paired each other. Even though the design of these bookshelves is simple, but it still can make your room looks spectacular.

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