Basement Turn into Multifunctional Room

Basement basically used for utility space, such as electricity, air conditioning, water heater system, parking garage, and ventilation. That’s all the traditional use for the basement. Now, many homeowners like to layout the space to use for another function. There are many functions that can create from the space.

Basement: Enlarge the View

Basement is always placed in the bottom of the building. The space is identical with stuffy and dark. Before you make the space turn into another room, make sure to remodel or renovate the lighting system. Install the big window on the top of the wall, so that the room will look brighter. If this way is impossible to apply, install the lamp which has strong light. You must be sure that the lamp will make the room more spacious than before. Choose the sofa and table set which has bright color, such as white or light grey. The wooden ceiling and wooden floor will make the room feel warmer and larger.

Basement: Create another Room

Basement can create to another room, such as living room, recreation room, multimedia room, or bar. Just place the furniture as usual. For recreation room, you can place billiard table or table tennis properties over there. For multimedia room, install the home theatre system on it and you can enjoy the movie. Install the bar table and stools. If you want to create more than one room, place the partition. The nice designed of partition such as wooden removable partition or glass partition is can be picked. You can also read Kitchen Organizer in this site.

Basement Chapter

Basement Finished

Basement Fixed

Basement NY

Basement of Doom

Basement Picture

Basement Remodeling


Don’t let the ground floor as it is. Make the space more functional and fulfill your need and taste. Think that the space is like the other space in the house. Moreover, you can create additional room on it. Generate more ideas for remodel and renovate the basement.

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