Bamboo House by Roewu Architects

In order to make the more natural look of you house, you need to know many ideas about bamboo house which later you can implement to your own house. Using bamboo is actually brilliant because this kind of the material is also easy to have especially for the eastern countries. Moreover, this material can also be purchased with only small amount of money.

Here, we want to explore more about a design of the bamboo house which is created by the Roewu Architects. This group of architects coming from UK has been successfully completed their project in making such a bamboo forest house in Taiwan. They made the house as one of the vacation house there in the country.

By looking at the design, you may know that the design is intended to facilitate an extended family. Moreover, the house is equipped with the exterior which is not common. The exterior is made like a bamboo screen. Inside the bamboo house, you can see some facilities like the karaoke lounge, and roof deck. The use of the bamboo outside further can create security and privacy. You can also read Black Wood Floors.

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Though the use of bamboo is dominant in the exterior, the flow of the air and light is still good inside the house. So, maybe the design of bamboo house above can be nice to have for us all.

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